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Bones Research
Just the Facts, Bones
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29th-Dec-2010 12:37 pm - Avalon's Tarot deck?
Do any of you know what tarot deck is being used by Avalon Harmonia in "Harbingers"? It wasn't one I immediately recognized, but it's very pretty. :)
11th-Mar-2008 10:18 pm - New to Bones

I just saw my first episode of Bones and I think I'm hooked. You're going to think me a little weird, but can anyone rec any episodes in which Booth has been physically hurt?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, and if it isn't, I do apologize. In any case, any help would be appreciated and please, if you are just as new as I am, mind the spoilers that may be posted in answer.

Thanks a bunch!
5th-Sep-2007 08:54 pm - Booth and Brennan Areas of Expertise
I'm working on an AU of Aliens in a Spaceship which puts Booth in Hodgin's place with Brennan.

Since she doesn't have Hodgin's expertise in this fic I need to know what expertise Booth could bring to the situation.

All I recall from canon is his sharpshooter expertise. What other skills does Booth have that might come in handy in that situation? (Like automotive repair or explosives.)

As a bonus, what does Brennan know outside of FA? She seems to know some chemistry which is understandable and appears to know something about electronics, but what skills/knowledge does she have?


ETA: Fic is done and published! Thank you all! Two Partners Underground
5th-Sep-2007 12:26 pm - quick Hodgins question
Misha KItty
I've been trying to find out exactly what Hodgepodge's degrees are in. He's a Rhodes Scholar and the youngest member of the Academy of Physical Sciences (established in 1 x 02) but I've yet to find consistent names for his degrees -- I'm guessing metallurgy, entymology and botany, but I'm not certain. Any help?

20th-Feb-2007 10:51 am - More fun research possiblities
south park kmanderson
For those who are bored/have free time/are obsessive/want to do research, consider compiling info on Bones characters for a nifty resource for writers/fun source for wasting time. I've compiled a rather rough (and incomplete) list of Bones characters so far here, using the IMDB cast list here. This probably doesn't include most of the victims and those characters only spoken about. Possible info needed is - who the person is (victim/killer/law enforcement/doctor/whatnot), who they might be related to, who killed them/they killed, where they're from/where killed, and episode in which they appeared, in number form. You can post the info in the comments. Feel free to choose as many characters as possible.
26th-Jan-2007 10:59 pm - Brennan Question
Hi, everyone. Does anyone know what form of martial arts Bones practices?

[E] think of her when the sun goes down
So, I'm a little confused. I was watching 'The Girl in the Fridge' (1x08) tonight, and Goodman says he hired Brennan two years prior, so in appx. 2003. But in 'The Woman in Limbo,' (1x22) Zach mentions that she's been at the Jeffersonian since 1998. And if Brennan was Michael Stires' student at the age of 23 (appx. 1999), would that mean that Michael was working at the Jeffersonian? Or is the 1998/2003 simply a mistake?

(I think I pay too much attention to the details...)


(Cross-posted to my personal journal, krys33)
7th-Dec-2006 08:34 pm - a silly question...
This might be a stupid question to ask, and totally not what this journal is all about, but... I don't know where else to ask.
I'm dying to know if someone knows what kind of stereos are used on the show. The one at Booth's office or the one at Brennan's home.
If someone could help me out, that would be wonderful.
And if this type of question is not allowed, please feel free to delete it.
18th-Nov-2006 10:55 pm - Bones Character Profiles!
south park kmanderson
Since there was interest for making character profiles, I've decided to make a post where info can be left. I'll input the information we get into form format when we've got a decent amount of it. Feel free to tell about this to your friends, and post the links to this post in other places. When posting a fact, please note the episode where this fact comes from. Things we need are: birthday if known, nicknames, family/boyfriends/girlfriends, friends and associates, education, job title, military experience if any, special abilities/skills, habits, injuries, eye color, hair color, if known etc... Also, if height/weight/age are not known, we can assume them to be the same the actor's. Character facts are currently needed for are Booth, Brennan, Angela, Hodgins, Zack, Goodman and Cam.
3rd-Nov-2006 11:36 pm - Fact-driven character profiles?
south park kmanderson
Hello guys!

Anyways, I just wanted to ask if one can find detailed profiles of our favorite FBI agent and the squints anywhere, which especially focus on facts - family members, education, small details? I suck about remembering such details when I write, so such a source would be rather useful to me.
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